Aamai Decorative Planter Pot

Turtle Decorative Planter Pot

Though the Aamai (Tamil for ‘turtle’), generally associated with slowness and sluggishness, isn’t a mainstream design theme, we have infused a bit of creativity and twist into this often neglected sea creature. This small multipurpose decorative planter pot is great for growing bonsai's, succulents and other small plants. You can also use this mini handcrafted planter that flaunts a look-alike turtle shape as a bird feeder in your balcony, patio, pathway or garden.
Features: Handcrafted, Light weight, Durable, Weather Resistant 
Material - Concrete
Finish - Raw rock 
l × h × w = 28 cm × 15 cm × 23 cm 
weight - 2 Kg